Boutique Hotel Cargo****
Boutique Hotel Cargo****


The Coffee Shop

Report to the bridge to experience an inviting and convivial space that brings together our guests as well as the inhabitants of the district: the Coffee Shop of the Boutique Hôtel Cargo is resolutely intended to be a place of vibrant life.

Bathed in natural light thanks to its large windows, open to adventure and all possibilities, imbued with a mid-century design atmosphere, it offers warm and comfortable spaces to appropriate at any time of the day.

From the morning espresso to an after-dinner cocktail, including a soothing tea at 5 p.m. and a festive aperitif, it is both friendly and intimate.

On the drinks menu you will find major international brands as well as lesser-known local products to discover. What’s more, our tasting and snacking menu offers tasty solutions for when you’re feeling peckish.


Throughout the day, you will find on the menu of our Coffee Shop something to soothe any hunger pangs you experience on your watch. For tastings at teatime or a platter for an aperitif or snacking, we favour local and seasonal products that will delight you. Consult our menu to make your choice!

Cargo - Coffee Shop


Your watch is over, it's time to relax. The comfortable banquettes of our Coffee Shop are an invitation to forget the passage of time. Make yourself comfortable amidst the designer decor inspired by mid-century aesthetics and discover our selection of alcoholic and soft drinks.

Thanks to our selection of craft beers, wines, and spirits from big brands or small producers, you’re sure to find something to satisfy your tastes. And if you need a little inspiration, our bartender will be happy to guide you.

Cargo - Coffee Shop


Relish the vibrant and inspiring atmosphere of a seagoing freighter, but one with large windows overlooking the bustling street, a deliciously designed mid-century aesthetic, a choice of hot and cold drinks, and an impeccable Wi-Fi connection. Take a seat in our coffee-shop when you’re ready to do some work. The Cargo lends itself perfectly to telecommuting and coworking, whether you’re taking an opportunity to work during a leisure break, meeting with colleagues in Dunkirk, or just in need of a change of pace...

Take advantage of the good vibes of the Boutique Hotel Cargo!

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